CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH & BODY COMPOSITION: Parental Influence on Homeschool Children

Record: David Wachob and Robert Alman, “Parental influence on the cardiovascular health and body composition of homeschool children.” International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health, 8, No. 3 (2015): 305-311. [Abstract]

Summary: In this article, Wachob and Alman from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania analyze parents’ influence on the cardiovascular health and body composition of homeschool children. Continue reading

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Record: Ama Mazama, “African American Homeschooling Practices: Empirical Evidence.” Theory and Research in Education, 14, No. 1 (2016): 26-44. [Abstract]

Summary: Mazama, one of the leading researchers on African American homeschooling, is Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Programs of the Department of African American Studies at Temple University. In this article, she seeks to investigate the daily instructional practices of African American homeschoolers.

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ANALYZING ROMEIKE V. HOLDER: No Persecution Without Prosecution

Record: Maxim Doroshenko, “You Can’t Spell Persecution without Prosecution: Analyzing Romeike v. Holder to Determine if Laws of General Applicability May Ever Rise to the Level of Persecution.” Educational Psychology in Practice, 30, No. 1 (2014), 37-50. [Abstract]

Summary: Doroshenko received his Doctor of Law degree (J.D.) in 2015 from Georgetown University Law Center. In this article, he examines the case of Romeike v. Holder to determine if laws of “general applicability” could rise to the level of persecution. Continue reading

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Record: Jeremy Redford, Danielle Battle, Stacey Bielick, and Sarah Grady, Homeschooling in the United States: 2012, (NCES 2016-096) (U.S. Department of Education: Washington, D.C., 2016) [Available Here]

Introduction: Every four or five years, the National Household Education Survey developed by the National Center for Education Statistics includes questions about homeschooling. This survey provides us with the best information available about homeschooling because it is consists of a representative, randomized sample of the entire American population. In 2013, we summarized some preliminary findings from this 2012 data-set; however, we now have the complete findings at our disposal. As I summarize this article, I will be making frequent reference to the previous survey from 2007, which we summarized here. Continue reading

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Record: Isabel Rose Gregory and Anita Purcell, “Extended School Non-Attenders’ Views: Developing Best Practice.” Educational Psychology in Practice, 30, No. 1 (2014), 37-50. [Abstract]

Summary: This article from the UK by Isabel Rose Gregory from the West Berkshire Educational Psychology Service and Anita Purcell from the National Educational Psychology Service is not about home education but rather extended school nonattendance. The authors aim to identify the key concerns and experiences of extended school non-attenders in order to inform the service delivery of the Educational Psychology Services (EPS), an institution that attempts to successfully include all children within mainstream school settings. Continue reading

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Record: David A. Wachob, “Starting a University-based Physical Educational Program for Homeschooled Children.” Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 86, No. 3 (2016), 34-41. [Abstract]

Summary: Wachob is an assistant professor of health and physical education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania who started a physical education program for homeschooled students at his university.

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THE ENCHANTED CHILD: Ambivalent Attachments in the Southwest

Record: Allahyari, Rebecca A. “Homeschooling the Enchanted Child: Ambivalent Attachments in the Domestic Southwest.” What Matters? Ethnographies of Value in a Not So Secular Age, edited by C. Bender and A. Taves, New York: Columbia University Press (2012), 179-214. [Description Here]

Summary: Allahyari is a Research Associate at the School for Advanced Research. In this book chapter she discusses the Family School, a charter school for homeschoolers where students are instructed in the classroom for 50% of the day by teachers and 50% of the day at home with their parents.

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State Homeschool Enrollment Data Trends, 2016

Here at ICHER, we try to annually compile all of the available data maintained by the states that keep records on homeschool enrollment. Some states make this information easily-accessible on state department of education websites, but many do not. If anyone reading this knows of a state we have missed and where its data can be found, please contact us, and we will add it. To access the complete enrollment data, please visit the ICHER site. Continue reading

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U.S. HOMESCHOOLERS ON THE WORLD: Christian Soldiers & Downshifters

Allahyari, Rebecca A. “Christian Soldiers and Downshifters: U.S. Homeschoolers on the World.” The Practice of Altruism: Caring and Religion in Global Perspective, edited by R. L. F. Habito and K. Inaba, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2006), 141-163. [Description Here]

Summary: In this book chapter, Allahyari, a Research Associate at the School for Advanced Research, looks at the question “What does the proliferation of homeschooling tell us about America?” in regards to changes in civic life that have occurred in society over the past century. Continue reading

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HOMESCHOOLING IN BRAZIL: Principles & Legalization Attempts

Record: Luciane Muniz Ribeiro Barbosa, “An Overview of the Homeschooling in Brazil: Analysis of Its Principles and Attempts of Legalization.” Open Journal of Social Sciences, 4, No. 4 (2016), 203-211. [Article]

Summary: Luciane Muniz Ribeiro Barbosa is a professor in the Department of Human Sciences and Education at the Universidade Federal de São Carlos. In this article she analyzes the underpinnings of the homeschooling movement in Brazil and its attempts at legalization.

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