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Record: Kellie Rolstad and Kathleen Kesson, “Unschooling, Then and Now” Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 7, No. 14 (2013): 29-67. [Full Article] Summary: Kathleen Kesson was an unschooling pioneer during the early 1980s, and she is also Professor of Teaching, Learning and Leadership … Continue reading

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MUSLIM HOMESCHOOLING: The Motivations of Modern Muslim Parents

Record: Sajjida Sarwar, “What motivates 21st century Muslim parents to home-school their children?” Education Today, 63, No. 5 (2013): 25-29. [Full Article] Summary: As homeschooling grows, more Muslims are beginning to homeschool as well. However, their motivations are not well understood. Sajjida Sarwar, … Continue reading

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