THE SEARCH FOR SCHOOL SAFETY: African American Homeschoolers

Record: Garvey Musumunu and Ama Mazama, “The Search for School Safety and the African American Homeschooling Experience.” Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education, 9, No. 2 (2014): 24-38. [Full Article]

Summary: Musumunu is a professor of sociology at Montgomery County Community College, and Mazama is an associate professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University. In this article they discuss the motivations of Black homeschooling parents and, more specifically, how parental concerns for safety are leading African American families to homeschooling.

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WHY WE BLOG: Homeschooling Mothers of Gifted Children

Record: Jennifer L. Jolly and Michael S. Matthews, “Why We Blog: Homeschooling Mothers of Gifted Children” Roeper Review, 39, No. 2 (2017): 112-120. [Abstract]

Summary: Jennifer L. Jolly is a senior lecturer in gifted education at the University of New South Wales, and Michael S. Matthews is an associate professor and graduate program coordinator in the Department of Special Education and Child Development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  The two collaborated in 2012 on one of the most important articles yet published on motivations for homeschooling among families with gifted children.  In this article they discuss the motivations that four homeschooling mothers of gifted children had for opening blogs on their homeschooling experiences. Continue reading

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EDUCATIONAL COOPERATIVES: Finding Balance Between Autonomy, Support, and Accountability

Record: Kenneth V. Anthony, “Educational cooperatives and the changing nature of home education: Finding balance between autonomy, support, and accountability.” Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 9, No. 18 (2015): 36-63. [Full Article]

SummaryKenneth V. Anthony is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education at Mississippi State University, and in this article he discusses four families’ experiences in an educational cooperative and its impact on their homeschooling practices.

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Record: Sarah Pannone, “The Experiences of New Home Educators” Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 11, No. 21 (2017): 8-28. [Abstract]

SummarySarah Pannone is an adjunct professor of education at Liberty University. The main questions of this study are (1) How do new home educators describe the experience? and (2) What do they value about homeschooling?

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HOMESCHOOLING PARENT STRESS LEVELS: Association with the Mental and Physical Health of Their Children

Record: Lance S. Windish and David A. Wachob, “Homeschooling Parent Stress Levels and Its Association with the Mental and Physical Health of Their Children” The International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society, 7, No. 3 (2017): 11-21. [Abstract]

Summary: Windish is a Health and Physical Education teacher at Rock Ridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia, and Wachob is an assistant professor and program coordinator for the undergraduate teacher education program in the Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The purpose of the present study is to determine whether the stress levels of homeschooling parents have an effect on the mental and physical health of their children. While the health of parents typically has a strong correlation with the health of their children, homeschooling families have never been studied in this regard.

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Record: Gina Riley, “Unschooling in Hong Kong: A Case Study” Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 10, No. 20 (2016): 1-15. [Full Article]

Summary: Gina Riley is an educational psychologist and Clinical Professor of Adolescent Special Education at Hunter College. In this article she discusses the experiences of Karen Chow, an unschooling mother in Hong Kong.

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Record: Kellie Rolstad and Kathleen Kesson, “Unschooling, Then and Now” Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 7, No. 14 (2013): 29-67. [Full Article]

Summary: Kathleen Kesson was an unschooling pioneer during the early 1980s, and she is also Professor of Teaching, Learning and Leadership in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Leadership at LIU Brooklyn. A generation later, in a world transformed by the internet, Kellie Rolstad, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Maryland, began unschooling her three children in the early 21st century. Using a narrative research approach, Rolstad and Kesson reflect on their own roles as parents, educators, and scholars to discuss how unschooling has changed over time.

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MUSLIM HOMESCHOOLING: The Motivations of Modern Muslim Parents

Record: Sajjida Sarwar, “What motivates 21st century Muslim parents to home-school their children?” Education Today, 63, No. 5 (2013): 25-29. [Full Article]

Summary: As homeschooling grows, more Muslims are beginning to homeschool as well. However, their motivations are not well understood. Sajjida Sarwar, a student in an Islamic teacher education program, contributes to our understanding in this article by investigating the motivations that three Muslim families have for homeschooling.

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Record: Meghan McQuiggan, Mahi Megra, and Sara Grady, Parent and Family Involvement in Education: Results from the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2016, (NCES 2017-2012) (U.S. Department of Education: Washington, D.C., 2017) [Available Here]

Introduction: Every four or five years, the National Household Education Survey developed by the National Center for Education Statistics includes questions about homeschooling. This survey provides the best information available about homeschooling because it consists of a representative, randomized sample of the entire American population. While the present article is only a “first look” at the 2016 data, it provides updated information for some of the most important questions in homeschooling research that were previously investigated in the 2012 report, which we summarized here.

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Record: Kristan Morrison, “Homeschooling as an Act of Conscientious Objection.” Journal of ThoughtFall-Winter 2014: 33-56. [Abstract]

Summary: Kristan Morrison is an Associate Professor in Radford University’s College of Education and Human Development. In this article she considers how homeschooling may be considered an act of “conscientious objection.”

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