Record: Kellie Rolstad and Kathleen Kesson, “Unschooling, Then and Now” Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 7, No. 14 (2013): 29-67. [Full Article]

Summary: Kathleen Kesson was an unschooling pioneer during the early 1980s, and she is also Professor of Teaching, Learning and Leadership in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Leadership at LIU Brooklyn. A generation later, in a world transformed by the internet, Kellie Rolstad, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Maryland, began unschooling her three children in the early 21st century. Using a narrative research approach, Rolstad and Kesson reflect on their own roles as parents, educators, and scholars to discuss how unschooling has changed over time.

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MUSLIM HOMESCHOOLING: The Motivations of Modern Muslim Parents

Record: Sajjida Sarwar, “What motivates 21st century Muslim parents to home-school their children?” Education Today, 63, No. 5 (2013): 25-29. [Full Article]

Summary: As homeschooling grows, more Muslims are beginning to homeschool as well. However, their motivations are not well understood. Sajjida Sarwar, a student in an Islamic teacher education program, contributes to our understanding in this article by investigating the motivations that three Muslim families have for homeschooling.

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Record: Meghan McQuiggan, Mahi Megra, and Sara Grady, Parent and Family Involvement in Education: Results from the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2016, (NCES 2017-2012) (U.S. Department of Education: Washington, D.C., 2017) [Available Here]

Introduction: Every four or five years, the National Household Education Survey developed by the National Center for Education Statistics includes questions about homeschooling. This survey provides the best information available about homeschooling because it consists of a representative, randomized sample of the entire American population. While the present article is only a “first look” at the 2016 data, it provides updated information for some of the most important questions in homeschooling research that were previously investigated in the 2012 report, which we summarized here.

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Record: Kristan Morrison, “Homeschooling as an Act of Conscientious Objection.” Journal of ThoughtFall-Winter 2014: 33-56. [Abstract]

Summary: Kristan Morrison is an Associate Professor in Radford University’s College of Education and Human Development. In this article she considers how homeschooling may be considered an act of “conscientious objection.”

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Record: Oz Guterman and Ari Neuman, “What are we educating towards? Socialization, acculturization, and individualization as reflected in home education.” Educational Studies, 43, No. 3 (2017): 265-281. [Abstract]

SummaryNeuman is senior lecturer of education at Western Galilee College, in Akko, Israel, and Guterman is a professor in the Department of Human Resources at the same institution. In this article they discuss the educational objectives of 30 homeschooling mothers in terms of socialization, acculturization, and individualization.

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SAFE AT HOME: Establishing a Fundamental Right to Homeschooling

Record: Billy Gage Raley, “Safe at Home: Establishing a Fundamental Right to Homeschooling.” Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal, 1 (2017): 59-90. [Abstract]

SummaryBilly Gage Raley is a professor at Hanyang University School of Law in South Korea, and in this article he attempts, as many have done before him, to describe how homeschooling may be considered a fundamental right protected by the U.S. Constitution.

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Record: Oz Guterman and Ari Neuman, “Different reasons for one significant choice: Factors influencing homeschooling choice in Israel.” International Review of Education, 63, No. 4 (2017): 303-318. [Abstract]

SummaryNeuman is senior lecturer of education at Western Galilee College, in Akko, Israel, and Guterman is a professor in the Department of Human Resources at the same institution. Using a mixed methods design, the authors of this article questioned 62 families in Israel about their motivations for homeschooling.

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SKIPPING SCHOOL: Homeschooling in Los Angeles, 1950-2010

Record: Dixie Dillon Lane, Skipping School: Homeschooling in Los Angeles County, 1950-2010 (Ph.D. Diss, University of Notre Dame, 2015).

Summary:  Lane, who teaches history classes at Christendom College while homeschooling her three children, here presents a remarkable history of homeschooling in Los Angeles County that begins in the 1950s and ends around 2010.

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COLLEGE PERFORMANCE: Homeschooled vs. Traditional Students

Record: Martin C. Yu, Paul R. Sackett, and Nathan R. Kuncel, “Predicting College Performance of Homeschooled Versus Traditional Students.” Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 35, No. 4 (2016): 31-39. [Available Here]

Summary: Yu, Sackett, and Kuncel are from the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. In this article they examine the college performance of 732 homeschooled students to discover whether high school grades and standardized test scores are predictive of their college grades and retention. Then they compare the homeschooling group to a demographically-matched group of students who graduated from traditional schools.

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SHARED PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: The Perils of Homeschooling & Divorce

Record: Anthony Barone Kolenc, “Homeschooling and the Perils of Shared Parental Responsibility.” The Florida Bar Journal, 90, No. 9 (2016): 44-50. [Available Here]

Summary: Kolenc is a professor at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. He is also a homeschooling father who has spoken at homeschooling conferences and contributed regularly to homeschooling magazines. In this article, he discusses the burden that homeschooling may place on shared parental responsibility and offers several suggestions for continuing to homeschool after a divorce.

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