About These Reviews

Purpose : The ICHER Reviews’ aim is to provide clear summaries and brief evaluations of past and current homeschooling research.

Moderation : The Reviews are moderated by Milton Gaither, who has maintained his own blog on homeschooling research since 2008.  Many of Gaither’s earlier posts have been edited and republished here.  While Gaither will continue to author many of the posts, other scholars will be invited to contribute when a piece of scholarship matches their particular interests or expertise.  ICHER invites parties interested in contributing a review to contact us at blog@icher.org.

Selection of texts reviewed and languages : ICHER engages with a wide variety of issues and perspectives (normative arguments, empirical studies, advocates and critics, etc.). There is no agenda driving selection of articles to review.  We also hope to review scholarly work from and about different countries and published in different languages, depending on the availability of reviewers and translation resources.

Interactions: We see the Reviews functioning like the book review section of an academic journal, with the addition of a  “letters to the editor” page in the form of reader comments.  ICHER as an organization is not endorsing the reviewers’ positions, but it does exercise some editorial oversight regarding the final publication and the responses (e.g., refusing to print uncivil or offensive statements).  We want to foster discussion about the texts and their reviews and leave room for personal reactions to the arguments of others, as long as they are presented as such. While we try to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and civility, we recognize and encourage the robust exchange of ideas, aware that disagreements and differences of opinion are inevitable in intellectual discourse.


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