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Record: Jeremy Redford, Danielle Battle, Stacey Bielick, and Sarah Grady, Homeschooling in the United States: 2012, (NCES 2016-096) (U.S. Department of Education: Washington, D.C., 2016) [Available Here] Introduction: Every four or five years, the National Household Education Survey developed by the National Center … Continue reading

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HOME IS WHERE THE SCHOOL IS: Do Homeschooling Laws Increase Homeschooling?

Record: Rachana Bhatt, “Home is Where the School Is: The Impact of Homeschool Legislation on School Choice” in Journal of School Choice 8, no. 2 (2014): 192-212. [Abstract Here] Summary:  Bhatt, an economics professor at Georgia State University, here presents … Continue reading

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USING A SEEDED SAMPLE: Are Homeschoolers Over or Under Represented in Surveys?

Record:  Stacey Bielick, Lina Guzman, Astrid Atienza, and Andrew Rivers, “Using a Seeded Sample to Measure Response among Homeschooling Households” in Survey Practice 2, no. 9 (2009).  Available Here.  Summary:  Bielick and colleagues used a complex and creative sampling strategy … Continue reading

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New NCES Homeschooling Data!

Record: Amber Noel, Patrick Stark, and Jeremy Redford, Parent and Family Involvement in Education, from the National Household Education Survey Program of 2012, (NCES 2013-028) (U.S. Department of Education: Washington, D.C., 2013)[Available Here] Summary: Every four years the National Center … Continue reading

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Record:  Eric J. Isenberg, “What Have We Learned About Homeschooling?” in Peabody Journal of Education 82 (2007): 387-409.  Summary:  Isenberg, affiliated with Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., here tries to synthesize all of the best research on several topics related to … Continue reading

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