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A TALE OF TWO RIGHTS: The Danger of Individual Rights

Record: Robin West, “A Tale of Two Rights.” Boston University Law Review, 94 (2014): 903-912. [Abstract] Summary: Are individual rights a danger to societal aspirations for equality, community, and democracy? This is the question that West, a Professor of Law and Philosophy at Georgetown University, … Continue reading

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ANALYZING ROMEIKE V. HOLDER: No Persecution Without Prosecution

Record: Maxim Doroshenko, “You Can’t Spell Persecution without Prosecution: Analyzing Romeike v. Holder to Determine if Laws of General Applicability May Ever Rise to the Level of Persecution.” Educational Psychology in Practice, 30, No. 1 (2014), 37-50. [Abstract] Summary: Doroshenko received his Doctor of … Continue reading

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