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North Dakota

The abbreviation key for various codes (RSS, etc.) is provided at the bottom of the chart.

Category1 HS
Notification or Registration with State Required Y
Annual Notification Required Y
Parent/Instructor Educational Requirements Y
Minimum Instruction Time Y
Required to Keep Attendance Records Y
Required to Submit Attendance Records Regularly N
State-Mandated Subjects Y
Required to Maintain Curriculum Records2 Y
Required to Maintain Test Scores and/or Student Work Y
Evaluation/Assessment Required by State Y
Evaluation/Assessment Options ST (4, 6, 8, 10)
Eligible for Part-Time Public School Enrollment Y
Eligible for Public School Extracurricular Participation3 Y
State Required to Provide Special Education Services4 Y5

1 Private (including religious) schools may be responsible for meeting certain state requirements themselves, but such details are not reflected in this chart if the state does not require them directly of homeschoolers.  Also, many states have additional “homeschooling” options not listed here that impose further regulation (e.g., private tutoring that requires a certified instructor, or state-approved correspondence curricula) and are thus less popular choices for homeschoolers.  In many instances, however, these options have correspondingly fewer demands in terms of assessment and ongoing state overnight.  Consult individual state statutes for details.

2 Unless indicated by PE (portfolio evaluation), PR (progress report), or ST (standardized testing) in “evaluation/assessment options” category, these records do not need to be submitted regularly, but must be available for inspection (see specific state statutes for details on what information is required and access rules).

3 Some states that allow many forms of extracurricular participation will still restrict high school interscholastic athletic competition to full-time students.

4 In many states, however, districts can choose to offer special education services even when not required by law.

5 Parents of children with developmental disabilities in North Dakota must follow strict guidelines in order to be permitted to homeschool them (15.1-23-14 and 15.1-23-15).

Key: RSS=religious school satellite; HS=home school; HPS=home as private school; PSS=private school satellite; PI=private instruction; AI=alternative instruction; ST(#)=standardized testing (if not yearly, applicable grade levels for testing indicated); PE=portfolio evaluation of student’s work by “qualified” person (see state code for qualifications); PR=progress report at end of each year; HV=home visit; DD=district discretion

Please Note: Since homeschooling regulations change periodically and legal interpretations may vary, these data should be verified with legal counsel as well.