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Parents may choose to either send their children to school or homeschool them, with the obligation to provide a minimum moral, intellectual, and social education. If parents choose homeschooling, they are required to register with the National Education Welfare Board and specify how their child’s education will be provided, in order to gain the board’s approval. The NEWB’s monitoring of home education includes two stages of assessment. The first assessment involves a consultation with the parents, usually in the home, to assess how home education will be provided. If the first assessment is not satisfactory, the second stage of assessment can be requested. In this case, an inspector from the NEWB will come to the home and visit the child to ensure that an adequate education is being provided. If the home education is still found to be inadequate after the two assessments, parents may take the issue to the Appeal Committee.

Reference: Blok, H. & Karsten, S. (2011). Inspection of home education in European countries. European Journal of Education, 46(1), 146.

Please Note: Since homeschooling regulations change periodically and legal interpretations may vary, these data should be verified with legal counsel as well.