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Parents are allowed to homeschool children, provided that they register with their municipality and the French Inspectorate each year. Parents may choose the methods they use to teach their children, but a broad range of subjects such as French, mathematics, at least one foreign language, art, and sports education must be offered. Students are interviewed each year during inspections and by age 16, students are expected to have achieved a level of education comparable to what would have been received in school. Children are not legally obligated to take tests in various subjects, but written tests may be given by inspectors depending on the region. If two consecutive unsatisfactory inspections occur, the child must be enrolled in school. 

Reference: Blok, H. & Karsten, S. (2011). Inspection of home education in European countries. European Journal of Education, 46(1), 145-146.

Please Note: Since homeschooling regulations change periodically and legal interpretations may vary, these data should be verified with legal counsel as well.