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Homeschooling is allowed as part of Estonia’s compulsory schooling in two cases: parental choice and medical necessity. In the case of parental preference, the child can be homeschooled until age 12. In the case of medical necessity, homeschooling is permitted throughout the entire phase of compulsory education. Strict national regulations must be followed. The process begins with parents submitting an application to the school where the child is registered. If the application is approved, the child may also participate in physical education, arts, crafts, and other programs offered by the school. Permission is given on a yearly basis.

Homeschooling is not overseen by the state. Student progress is assessed by classroom teachers and through regular testing. If the student does not perform according the national curriculum, they may be required to return to school.

Reference: Blok, H. & Karsten, S. (2011). Inspection of home education in European countries. European Journal of Education, 46(1), 145.

Please Note: Since homeschooling regulations change periodically and legal interpretations may vary, these data should be verified with legal counsel as well.